E2 Visa

What Are the Most Common Businesses to Buy for an E2 Visa?

What if starting a new life in America was easier than you ever imagined?

With an E2 visa, you can easily come to America to start a business. However, certain businesses are more profitable and easier to get started than others.

How can you tell which businesses are worth your time and effort? We’ve put together this definitive list of the most common businesses to buy for an E2 visa.

What Is An E2 Visa?

Our guide will focus on the best businesses to buy for the purposes of obtaining an E2 visa. Before we go any further, though, we need to answer a simple question: “what’s an E2 visa?:

The answer is simple: this is a special kind of visa for immigrants coming to America to start a business. By investing in a business on American soil, you can secure this visa for yourself and potentially for your employees as well.

However, starting a business is risky even in your home country. If you want your American venture to be successful, it’s important that you look into the right kinds of businesses to invest in.

The Right Kinds of Jobs

On paper, you can start any kind of business in America that you can dream of. In reality, though, certain businesses are better than others for your investment.

That’s because many businesses take a long time before they turn a profit. In fact, it’s common in America for a business to take a year or more before the owners begin seeing a profit.

Depending on your financial situation, you may not be able to wait that long. And after investing so much money into your new business, you may not be able to make it for a year without the capital necessary to pay rent, buy supplies, and so on.

That’s why the businesses in this guide have a theme: first, they can generally be run out of your home, which helps to reduce the overhead you have to deal with. And second, most of these businesses should be able to generate profit within the first 30 days of you opening the business.

And even if this isn’t your dream business, you can think of some of these ideas as a “starter business.” After these businesses produce a steady flow of capital for you, it is always possible to explore other entrepreneurial opportunities in a few years.

With that out of the ways, let’s explore some of the E2 visa ideas for businesses to invest in!

Pool Route

The best part about owning a pool is the ability to instantly cool off when the days get hot. But ask anyone who owns a pool what the worst thing is and they’ll tell you: having to clean the pool!

This is why investing in a pool route business is such a good idea. Pools need regular maintenance to stay in good condition, and homeowners like to hire professionals to get the job done.

And with an entire route, you don’t have to count on the business of just a few clients. Instead, you have a regular stable of clients, and they are likely to pay for your cleaning services all throughout the year.

Driving Range

Somewhere along the way, golf became our new national sport. People can enjoy playing golf regardless of their level of physical fitness. And historically, it has been a game that presidents and professionals enjoy just as much as working class men.

It goes to follow that a driving range makes for a great investment. The range serves as an important area where golfers can work on their skills and make sure they are in peak condition before they hit the greens for real.

And as a business, a driving range is easily scaleable over time. You can buy an existing franchise and get started right away. And if you want to expand or make other major additions over time, you can do so.

Property Management

Owning property is a funny thing. Many investors like to scoop up properties because property and land make for the safest possible investments. However, most of these investors soon discover that they have no real taste for actually managing those properties.

This is where you come in. Starting a property management business in an area with a low of property investments means you are likely to see clients right away. And if these clients end up investing in more property (which is quite likely), they may need to rely on your services even more in the coming months and years.

Speaking of months and years, one of the best things about a property management job is that clients are likely to rely on your services for the indefinite future. This creates stable and reliable income that is likely to grow over time.

Lawn Service

Beautiful front and backyards are something of a paradox in America. That’s because all homeowners like the look of a beautiful lawn. But very few homeowners are willing to put in the work it takes to maintain such a lawn.

That’s why a lawn service is such a surefire investment for you. Every day, there are more homeowners who are getting frustrated as they try to landscape or mow their own lawns. And these homeowners are more than happy to pay someone else to do it.

And lawn services are also popular because they help homeowners maintain the value of the property. In addition to keeping their home looking fabulous, your business is also protecting the growing value over their home (which is important if they are considering selling their house in the future).

Carpet Cleaning Company

we’ve been focusing quite a bit on businesses where you help out homeowners. But if you should start a carpet cleaning company, then you will be helping out homeowners and businesses alike.

That’s because countless homes and businesses are covered in the carpeting that was so popular in the 1970s and 1980s. And it doesn’t take homeowners and managers long to learn that it’s easy for this carpet to get dirty and very, very difficult to clean it.

In fact, properly cleaning carpet often requires industrial-strength cleaning chemicals and equipment. The average homeowner or business does not have these things on hand. And even if they wanted to obtain the chemicals and equipment, these things are expensive and also difficult to store.

With your carpet cleaning business, you could bring the proper tools and the talent to take care of these carpets. And considering how easily carpets get dirty, your clients will need your services many times throughout the year.


There is a lot of mystery surrounding the job title “consultant.” In fact, the average person has often asked themselves just what a consultant does.

In reality, a consultant simply answers questions and offers advice. The strength of the consultant comes from their extensive experience in certain fields and situations. And when clients are dealing with similar situations, they call in expert consultants for advice.

Depending on your previous training and experience, you could establish a consultant business right away. For example, if you are very good with computers in your home country, you could become an IT consultant overnight.

There is very little overhead for this business because you functionally work out of your home and meet clients at either their own homes or their place of business. To get started, all you really need is a phone, a car, and an outgoing personality! 

Online Coaching

Those visiting America from other countries are sometimes puzzled at how popular “life coaches” are. And there is a lot of confusion over what, exactly, a life coach does.

Basically, a life coach is like a combination of teacher, counselor, and friend. Being a life coach doesn’t require any special education or credientials. In this position, you simply help people identify what their most important goals are and then come up with a plan to attain those particular goals.

Why are life coaches so popular? Simply put, many people worry that their lives don’t have purpose or that they are falling behind on certain goals. Even some of the most successful people are plagued by thoughts that they would be better off making major changes to their lives.

This is where you come in. It’s easy to get started as a life coach, particularly if you offer online coaching options. And as an online coach, all you need is a phone or a computer to communicate with your clients.

And if you aren’t comfortable coaching yourself, you can focus on the business after you buy it and let the coaches you employ focus on the clients.

Online Tutoring

Earlier, we touched on the fact that you could become an online life coach with no specialized education or credentials. And depending on your exact background, you may also be able to find success as an online tutor.

There is a need for tutors in almost every subject. However, most tutors get business from students who are struggling with the four core subjects: English, science, history, and mathematics.

As with the life coach business, you don’t need special credentials to get started. All that is required is a solid understanding of the subject you will be tutoring others on. For example, if you have a good head for math, then you can immediately hit the ground running by tutoring primary or secondary school students that are struggling with this subject.

And like the other ideas on this list, you don’t have to start an online tutoring business from scratch. You can buy an existing business in order to secure your E2 visa and start seeing profits right away.

Childcare Service

Most parents would love to spend more time with their children. But the unfortunate reality is that it’s tough to spend a lot of time with young children and also complete a full-time job. In order to keep their salary and benefits, plenty of parents put leave their children with a professional service five days a week. In fact, one third of young children are in childcare each year.

By buying a childcare service business, you will instantly become an important part of the community. Locals from all walks of life will be relying on your business to watch their children for the vast majority of the year.

This is also a very sustainable business. People aren’t going to stop having children. And as long as people are having kids, they are going to require your services.

House Painter

Sometimes, the best businesses are the simple ones. For example, you may be shocked at the number of homeowners that require the services of a professional painter!

That’s because many who buy a home imagine that it will be easy to paint the walls a different color. But without much previous experience, painting the house becomes an annoying chore that eats up most of the day. And rookie paint jobs tend to look absolutely terrible.

Some are going to hire you simply to make their own homes look great. Others will want you to spruce up their investment property before they try to sell it. Either way, your house painting business will have a constant flow of customers!

Your Next Move

Most business owners will tell you the same thing: starting a business from scratch is difficult, and it takes time to turn a profit. But what if you could get started quickly and easily and start seeing immediate profits?

That’s what can happen if you consider franchising a business as part of getting your E2 visa. If you’re unsure about the benefits that franchising has to offer, you can sign up for our free online course and learn all about it!