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E2 Visa Guide: What Are the Best E2 Businesses to Invest In?

What if you could start a new life in America far sooner than you ever imagined?

The E2 visa allows you to stay in America so long as you create a successful business. However, some businesses are likelier to succeed than others. And that leaves a simple question: what are the best E2 businesses to invest in for visa purposes?

That is why we put together this comprehensive guide. Keep reading to learn more about the E2 business visa process and the kinds of successful businesses you can start in America!

What Is the E2 Visa?

Our guide is going to help you determine the right business to invest in for your E2 visa. First, though, we need to take a moment and define what this visa is and how it works.

Basically, this is a visa available to those who live in an E visa treaty country. The visa is available to those who own at least 50% of a company that you will open in America. If you have a good business plan and enough capital set aside to show you can sustain this business, then you can get a visa to open the business in America.

Perhaps the best part of the E2 visa is that you can keep renewing it indefinitely so long as your business continues to be successful. This visa makes it easy for you to bring your spouse and children to America, and the ability to keep renewing the visa offers the kind of stability your family has been looking for.

What Makes Good E2 Business Investments?

The E2 business visa does not make any restrictions on the types of businesses you can open. Because of that, you may be asking yourself a simple question: what kind of business makes for a good visa investment?

For the purposes of our guide, we focused on the kind of businesses that can start turning a profit very quickly. This is important because due to the cost of initially getting the visa and setting the business up, many are in a hurry to start generating profit.

However, if you have significantly more capital set aside, you may be able to create more ambitious businesses that will take longer before they start generating profit.

Now that you know a bit more about how we selected these businesses, let’s take a closer look at what we see as your best business investment ideas.


Housekeeping is one of the easiest businesses to get started. And it is the kind of investment that will generate profit very quickly.

That is because there is very little overhead for a housekeeping business. You do not need to rent an office space and can functionally run everything from your telephone. You will simply need to invest in cleaning equipment and materials early on and then replace these things throughout the year as needed.

One of the reasons that housekeeping is such a reliable business is that many who live in America work long hours and are otherwise unable to properly clean their homes. They are happy to hire third-party professionals, and they will likely retain your services throughout the year. Soon, you’ll have a stable of reliable clients and a good monthly income!


Consulting is one of the best businesses you can start in America. Like housekeeping, consulting has little in the way of overhead. In fact, to start out, you’ll probably just need to spend a bit of money on digitally marketing yourself and printing some business cards.

The best part about consulting, though, is that it lets you take skills and knowledge you already have into an opportunity to help others. For example, if you run a successful business in your home country, you could become a business consultant for American companies that are in the same field.

And as a consultant, you can take on as many or as few clients as you want. In fact, plenty of people are lucrative part-time consultants who only do consulting work to gain extra salary on top of their primary job.


One of the common phrases we take for granted is that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Most who have heard that phrase think it just means being on your best behavior when meeting someone new.

However, the real first impression most people will get about someone is when they first see that person’s frontyard. If it looks wild and unkempt, we may think the person is slobby. But if everything looks trimmed and well-kept, we assume he has gotten his together.

That is why gardening is a very lucrative field. As with housekeeping, many don’t have the time for lawn upkeep as simple as mowing once a week. And if you have any other skills (such as topiary skills or soil aeration skills), you can hire yourself out as a lawn specialist.


One of the only downsides of moving to America is that you’ll no longer have access to your favorite old restaurants. But what if you could bring a taste of home with you to this country?

Restaurants specializing in authentic foreign cuisine are almost always popular in America. And if needed, you can start the restaurant small with something like a food truck instead of a standing location.

As an added bonus, opening up a restaurant makes certain elements of the E2 business visa process easier. For example, if you want to bring over business employees from your own country, the visa requires you to demonstrate that the employees have specialized skills. But when it comes to opening a restaurant, it is very easy to prove that someone can cook their native cusine.


One surprisingly lucrative job is that of a locksmith. That is because a great many people require the services of a landlord each year!

The average locksmith offers many services to a community. This includes copying keys, changing locks, installing safes, installing home security devices, and more. From helping homeowners who have locked themselves out to making sure nobody can break in, locksmiths do a little bit of everything.

And like many of the jobs on this list, being a locksmith really just involves purchasing a few specialized tools. After that, all of your business will come from people calling you to their home or to their worksite.


Have you ever imagined yourself as a teacher? Depending on your previous experience and the kind of business you want to start, education may be a solid pick.

You may be able to get a job (especially at an independent school) teaching your negative language. Or even if you’re not a full-time teacher for an existing school, you could sell your services as a full-time tutor or even run full-time formal classes online.

In fact, online classes are more popular than ever before. And you can also combine your love of education with other ideas on this list, such as becoming an educational consultant for the local school district.

Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is another business that is far more lucrative than you may have imagined. That is because plenty of people own dogs and cats that they are either unwilling or unable to properly groom.

Despite this, many people own dogs and cats that require regular grooming. And that is good news for local groomers because clients who like your services may be calling on you as much as once per month.

And if you are willing to make “house calls” to groom pets, you will get even more business. This is because plenty of people own pets they are afraid to take to a groomer and will pay handsomely to have you groom the cat or dog inside their home where the animal will be more comfortable.


Salons are another kind of business that is thriving all across America. Everyone knows that having well-groomed hair and facial hair is important for anyone who wants to look their best. But most people have no idea which over-the-counter products their hair needs, and they especially don’t know how to cut their own hair without ruining their look.

And a salon is also the kind of business you can run from a variety of locations. To save on overhead, you could transform part of your own home into a salon studio and then offer clients personalized sessions.

In fact, you can even turn those personalized sessions into a cornerstone of your marketing efforts. You may be surprised at how many people will pay extra for some added privacy versus crowding in at a local salon!

Pet Training

Earlier, we talked about how pet grooming is a lucrative field for your E2 visa because many people are unable to groom their pets. Similarly, the vast majority of people do not know how to properly train their animals.

Such training is especially important early on. When someone is raising a young puppy or kitten, then the training they receive will dictate how many discipline problems they will create later on for their owners.

A pet training business will also grow quickly because satisfied pet owners will refer you to their pet-owning friends. And those who own one pet are likely to get more pets over time, and they will trust you to provide all of the important training to their little “fur babies.”

Interior Design

Want to know what even the very wealthy cannot buy for themselves? The correct answer to that question is “good taste.”

This is why you may find becoming an interior designer to be a lucrative opportunity. Plenty of people moving to a new home hire interior designers to give their new house a more personal touch. And even those who don’t plan to move may rely on an interior designer to make their old home feel brand new.

Designers can also find a lot of work with local businesses. Such businesses have usually realized their stuffy, corporate style is off-putting, and they need an interior designer to make the inside of their business feel warm and inviting.

Purchase Existing Business

All of our business ideas so far have had one thing in common: they assume you are building a business from the ground up. But there are two ways you can potentially save a bit of time and money with your new business.

The first method is that you can purchase an existing business. Sometimes, an owner may have a successful business but their life goals are changing. Perhaps they are retiring to spend time with family, or they just want the challenge of creating another new business.

Regardless of their motivation, you can profit from this decision. By buying an existing business that is very successful, you can make your E2 business visa process easier.

Franchise a Business

While taking over an existing business can work well, you might not find someone willing to sell their business when you want to get an E2 visa. In that case, you can do the next best thing and franchise a successful business instead!

This lets you have the peace of mind that comes from starting a business with a proven track record of success in the area. And the franchisee will make it easier for you to create a business plan. This ultimately makes it easier for you to get your visa.

Your Next Move

Now you know the kinds of businesses that are great for investing in to get an E2 visa. But do you know who can help you franchise a successful business today?

Here at Advanced Franchising, we specialize in helping you start a profitable business. To see what we can do for your business, just contact us today!